Smoking Pipes

Wide range of pipes

Here you will find our entire large pipe range, of both expensive branded goods and cheaper pipe models. All our pipes (except Claypipes and Cornpipes and other special pipes) are made of genuine Briar Wood unless otherwise stated. All pipes are made in an artisanal production. Briar root has been carefully selected, classified and affects the price of the barrel.

Why is it important that the pipe is made of briar root? A regular wooden pipe can easily burn up, they are usually protected with a carbon/graphite coating on the inside to resist when the tobacco burns, over time this layer loosens or thins out, and your pipe therefore usually has a short lifespan. But a pipe made of Briarrot cannot, in principle, burn regardless of protective agents such as carbon/graphite. Briars don't burn! Which means that if you take care of your pipe, it will last and give you pleasure for a long time.

Our pipes are always made by skilled craftsmen and are therefore a genuine craft, not an industrially produced product. This fact, as well as the fact that they are made of natural materials, makes each pipe unique and therefore the appearance (Color and grain) may differ from the image on the website.

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