A good and reliable lighter is part of the enjoyment for you as a smoker. We have every type of lighter you could possibly want, e.g. cigar lighters, pipe lighters and cigarette lighters with different lighting techniques, flint lighters, piezo electronic ones, turbo lighters (also called jet lighters or storm lighters), lighters powered by gas or gasoline

Quality lighters from American Zippo and Japanese Sarome, but you can also find slightly cheaper alternatives from e.g. Zorr and Lux lighters.

For the Cigar Smoker Here is a selection of lighters with i.a. built-in tools such as "punch" to open your cigar. We also have turbo lighters with one or more flames, with one you can light your cigar quickly and easily. A good alternative to the turbo lighter are our cigar lighters with a slightly wider flame, it allows you to easily light the entire cigar.

For the pipe smoker A pipe lighter is always a Piezo or flint lighter. The pipe must be lit carefully. A good pipe lighter can also contain so-called "tapper" or other pipe tools to facilitate your pipe smoking. You can choose from many nice models. It is sometimes said that petrol lighters give a bad taste to the pipe smoker. Our Zippo gasoline is guaranteed to be taste- and odor-free, so if you use Zippo gasoline, we can guarantee that this is just a prejudice.

For Cigarette smokers there are lots of different models. All with different ignition techniques, design and size.

You choose what suits you best.

We have a wide selection of lighters so that you can find your favourite.

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