How the Kapp & Peterson story begins

In 1874, just one year after receiving a prize medal for his efforts at the 1873 London International Exhibition, German émigré Frederick Kapp moved his pipe trading business from London to Dublin, Ireland, where he opened a new tobacco and pipe shop, manufacturing and selling he pipes made from sea foam and briar root, then a relatively new material on the market. Within a year, Frederick hired a young Latvian woodworker named Charles Peterson to help with production and repairs.

In 1890, after 15 years of pipe repairs, and thinking critically about how to improve their design, Peterson applied for and secured a patent in his own name, entitled "A Certain New and Useful Improvement in Tobacco Pipes." Launched in 1894, Peterson's famous Dry System Pipes, arguably the company's most famous design, introduce a unique system designed to transport moisture away from the smoke and provide a fuller tobacco flavor – a design he would continue to improve over the next eight years. In 1896, after winning two gold medals at the International Tobacco Trades Exhibition in London for "Best Finished Pipe" and "Best Patent Pipe", Charles Peterson, together with Frederick's son Alfred Henry, had transformed the small pipe shop and smoking parlor into a future international export factory.

As early as 1865, the well-known Kapp Brothers store was founded in Dublin, which is still a popular and well-visited tobacco shop today. The owners then were Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp, who immigrated to Ireland from Nuremberg. Shortly after the start, a Latvian immigrant, Charles Peterson, strolled into their workshop and declared that he could make better pipes than they could. Peterson proved to be gifted with imagination and an innate flair for pipes and was also a skilled craftsman. It soon turned out that his claim was true and he became the third partner in the growing company.

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