OCB is one of the world's largest and most popular roll paper manufacturers. The story begins in 1822 with the establishment of the first paper mill on the banks of the Odet river, near Ergué-Gabéric, Finistère in France. It was a great asset to have water nearby. 1917 Cascadec's paper mill was bought after renting it for 24 years. First production was stationery, but cigarettes increased in France and cigarette paper sales increased worldwide. Writing paper, cotton paper, muslin paper etc. became secondary products and everything was diverted towards making cigarette paper. In 1918, the brand "OCB" was created by the Frenchman Nicolas Le Marié. the name came from Odet and Cascadec - The two places in France where the company had its paper mills - as well as the Bolloré family who had the greatest influence in the manufacture and distribution of roll paper (trademark registered at the National Institute of Industrial Property in 1923); the first packages of OCB paper were produced.

The story continues in 1922 with the celebration of the company's centenary. A series of large celebrations of the company's centenary were organized: over five hundred people took part, with procession, fanfare, demonstrations by gymnasts, dances, carousels, etc. The celebration lasted for 8 days.

In 1930, almost 2,000 tons of paper on rolls and 86 million packs of cigarette paper were produced at the company's 2 paper mills. 90% of this production was exported, mainly to the USA. But in 1939 During the occupation of France, the mills were practically at a standstill (only one continued to operate, at 20% of its production potential); it became impossible to export paper across the Atlantic. By 1938, with the help of French engineers from the company, a huge mill had been built in North Carolina, enough to supply the needs of the United States.

The facilities were expanded in 1951 and 1960. The mill, which employed up to 350 people, produced religious book paper (it was the sole French supplier to Pléiade Publications), tea bags and insulating paper for electrical capacitors. In 1986 the group transferred roll paper production to its factory in Perpignan and in 1999 OCB Premium paper was launched, this has built up OCB's prestige. A very nice, transparent and easy to recognize thanks to its exclusive OCB hologram.

In 2000, the Republic Group, which has been a main customer since the 1960s, buys the OCB brand and the Perpignan factory. The new ownership gave OCB the means and resources in terms of production and sales to innovate and grow. 2009 OCB Organic Hemp was launched. First paper ever produced with pure organic hemp paper; dedicated to people looking for a 100% natural experience. Another innovation from OCB is biodegradable unbleached paper filters. 2013 Launched OCB Virgin paper Unbleached brown paper; very light and ultra thin for a smoother experience and 2015 Launches OCB Ultimate weighing only 10g/m² roll paper only! Ultimate is the result of an amazing paper experience and cutting-edge technology. In 2000, OCB was bought by American Republic Tobacco, which made the brand extremely popular both in and outside of Europe. OCB is careful to make its paper from natural materials such as organically grown hemp and to keep the paper free from GMOs and other unnatural additives.

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