Chewing tobacco and Snuff


HOW TO USE SNUFF Tobacco Take a small pinch of it, place it in each nostril and smell lightly. You don't have to smell very strongly just so it doesn't run out, much like smelling a flower. The feeling of nasal snot subsides relatively quickly, but the aroma lingers for a long time. To get rid of the tobacco, just blow out, much like snuffing out.

Luktsnusset came to Sweden in the 17th century when often called snuff, can be seen as the predecessor of today's wet snus. Snuff was the obvious way to use tobacco in Europe in the 17th century. It continued to be that way for over 200 years, until the snus we know today had its big breakthrough. Snuff or snuff as it is called in English is ground or powdered tobacco that you inhale through the nose. Snuff was very common in the past, but is now starting to come back more and more among snuff users.

HOW TO USE CHEWING TOBACCO Place a tobacco lozenge between cheek and jaw. The tobacco lozenge will then slowly release flavor and nicotine. While smokers absorb the nicotine via the lungs, the nicotine in the tobacco lozenge is absorbed via the mucous membranes of the mouth. Although the tobacco lozenge is called chewing tobacco, it should not be used as a chewing gum. You can possibly press it a little between the teeth from time to time to bring out a stronger taste. A tobacco lozenge lasts well over an hour. The tobacco lozenge should not be swallowed after use, but removed and thrown away like chewing gum.

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