Bizon is our own brand, which we developed to be able to offer real Briar pipes at a really low and good price. The quality of the pipe is as good as any other briar pipe, but the price is significantly lower. We achieve this by the fact that we ourselves Lego manufacture these pipes in a factory in Italy under our own brand and because here we do not bother to select a beautiful grain from the core of the Briarroot or other visual effects in the raw material. The further out from the core of the briar root, the younger the briar root and less veining and more of marks caused by sand, Briar grows in sandy soils around the Mediterranean. Cheaper raw materials mean cheaper pipe. But the functional quality is the same as on much more expensive Briar pipes.

The bison pipe is therefore as good and durable as you can expect from a genuine briar pipe. Perfect for those who don't worry about small "marks" or a sometimes not so beautiful grain in the barrel. That's why, for example, our sports pipes Bizon Sport and Dinkey are popular options for those who want a painless pipe in their "jacket pocket" when you're out in the woods and fields

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