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Pipe smokers accessories

The true piprökaren need tools to nurture their passion. The pipes must be allowed to dry out completely when not in use
- Then you need a good pipe racks. To ignite the barrel needed a piptändare. To protect the pipes that he carries with him
He uses a pipfodral. Ashtray shall be equipped with a cork ball to the barrel to prevent damage when he knocks out
and empty it. To keep pipes in good condition, he uses pipe cleaners, pipverktyg, reamers and cleaning fluid.
Sometime also needed a new stem or pipspets favorite barrel. All this is what piprökaren expects to
purchase of its tobacco merchant. And all that you can buy from us.
We have everything you need - in several price ranges.



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 Tobaksburk Kermik för 100gram

Tobaksburk Kermik för 100gram
Tobacco jar ceramic black/matt for around 100g tobaccoH 150 mm, diameter115 mm

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