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E-juice Hangsen VG 70% Menthol 6mg

 E-juice Hangsen VG 70% Menthol 6mg
Item number: 5639000265
Price: 36,00 kr

Content : 10 ml

For those who smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day.
Taste: Menthol This flavor variant is one of the best-selling E-juice. Do you like menthol cigarettes? Then this product is for you!

E-juice for Mods and E-cigarettes from the Hanging. E-juice contains, in addition to natural nicotine, natural flavors, glycerol, propylene glycol and water. Simply ordinary aromas and additives. All our E-juices are produced and manufactured in clinically clean laboratories, for your safety as users. E-juice with 70% VG Much more steam - a little less Throat-Hit In this category you will find a variety of different flavors.

The E-Juice contains 70% vegetable glycerin, which we shorten to VG. The remaining 30% in the e-juice consist of propylene glycol, which is shortened to PG. Vegetable glycerin is what gives you steam when you smoke an e-cigarette. That is, the more vegetable glycerin it is in the e-juicer, the more steam you get. Conversely, the more propylene glycol it is in the e-juicer, the more throat-hit you get. Throat hit is the concept of the rip you experience in your throat when you inhale from an e-cigarette. . If you smoke Mods, we recommend that you choose E-juice with higher VG (70%) in order not to get too much "throat-hit".

70/30 distribution of VG / PG - Good for allergy sufferers In this type of e-liquid there is a greater amount of vegetable glycerin 70%. That is, you get more steam and less throat-hit than with an e-juice containing more PG. This type of e-liquid is therefore perfect for those who want to avoid throat-hit from your e-cigarette. There may also be allergies to propylene glycol. It is of course a rather small group of people, but for that group, 70% VG juice is a good choice to avoid allergy symptoms