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Cigar smokers accessories.

In order to preserve the cigars taste and texture must be able to control both temperature and humidity.
Best feel the room temperature, 20 degrees, and in 65-75% relative humidity. These conditions provide
man with a humidor with humidifier. It functions both as beautiful invite box and climate control.
In our catalog you will find a selection of humidors, complete units with humidifiers and hygrolator (moisture meter).
We also have complete humidorset that also includes any accessory items. cigar cutters, cigar ashtrays or cigar cases.

In addition, we of course all the other accessories that enhance cigarrökningens charms, cigar lighter, cutter and cases.
Great choice in different price ranges

 Cigarr påse ' Fine Cigars'

Cigarr påse ' Fine Cigars'

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